Stronger together

Tim Oreskovic, CEO
Tim Oreskovic, CEO

A message from Tim Orescovic, CEO of Xantis Pharma:

Late December 2018, Xantis Pharma acquired IPS (Integrated Pharma Solutions GmbH). We are all excited about the combination of these two companies and convinced that they complement each other - making us a stronger company. 

IPS, like Xanits, is a young company, founded in 2017 in Switzerland, by experienced pharmaceutical executives. By joining forces with IPS, we expand our geographical reach, our portfolio and we strengthen our team.

We are excited to increase Xantis Pharma commercial presence in the new markets like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & other South East European markets and to strengthen our current presence in Czech and Slovakia. 

Our collective portfolio covers important therapeutic categories in cardiovascular, gastroenterology, central-nervous-system (CNS), men’s-health and over-the-counter (OTC) products. With IPS portfolio Xantis will strengthen these offerings mainly with Prospan, Humana, CoLactase and Globifer.

The leadership team of Xantis and IPS are committed to a smooth integration. We have outlined a plan for the integration that will be put into action, with the aim of building a strong foundation for future growth and profitability.